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How I Became A Naturopath

After many years of illness and prescription medications, I decided I needed something different. There were too many things going wrong in my body and too many doctors trying to fix them. They all wanted to prescribe more medicine. When the medicines had side effects , they wanted to prescribe a new medicine for the side effects. Frustrated, I began doing my research. It all began at my favorite local health food store. I purchased a few books and started my body on a healing journey to optimal wellness. I found a natural health practitioner and my life was forever changed. Within two years I lost over a 100 lbs. I was no longer on an insulin pump for Type II Diabetes, my fibromyalgia and chronic asthma and allergies where gone. I was out of the bed and 11 prescription medications a day were no longer on my counter top. The goal of natural medicine is to get at the root cause and heal the person; mind, body, and spirit. I am not against allopathic medicine, and thankfully many allopaths are taking a more natural approach with their patients.

Once I arrived to a healthy place on my journey I began taking courses in holistic and plant based nutrition. This evolved in my enrolling in a full-time traditional naturopathic medicine program. I love helping others heal their bodies and start their own journey's to optimal wellness. If you are battling chronic disease, stress, obesity, or minor illness, contact Phoenix Rising. Phoenix Rising is ready to help you begin your journey to optimal wellness.

Yours in Holistic Health,


Transformation of a Phoenix

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