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Happy New Year !

Today, I looked back on 2018 with a mix of every emotion. My children and I moved to a small apartment in March. We are working towards our forever farmette. We had a small homestead for nine years prior to my divorce. Farming makes me happy, as does most of nature. What a happy day it will be when I am working in a big garden again bordered by bramble patches. As l think about 2019 I am not making resolutions for myself, nor Phoenix Rising. Instead I am making goals. In August, the physical office was closed so I could take better care of my son. This brought about the launch of my home visit appointments, and increased online services . I am happy to say it has gone well. In addition to the online Fullscript Pharmacy, Phoenix Rising now provides Menus for every individual medical and personal need. From Easy Peasy Kid Friendly menus to personalized menus for Auto-Immune Disease, Heart Disease, Diabetes, and more. These menus come with shopping list, nutritional information, and prep guide. Of course, they can be allergy free too! Lastly, Phoenix Rising became an affiliate of NuLeaf Naturals.

Looking forward to 2019, Phoenix Rising has already launched the first of three online programs that will be offered monthly. The Nutrient Dense Whole Food Education Program is now open for registration. Coming soon, The Food Sobriety Program, and Herbs For Women. The Food Sobriety Program will offer a safe holistic space to heal from Emotional/Stress/&Compulsive Over Eating. The Herbs For Women class, will offer women the opportunity to learn more of how nature can help us heal through herbal medicine. Finally, I am please to announce the launch of Phoenix Rising's new Podcast, "The Family Naturopath ."

In closing, I wish for each and every one of you to have a Happy, Healthy, Holistic 2019 !

Holistically Yours,


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