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It Works! Not Really! Fredericksburg,VA

Phoenix Rising often receives questions about the "It Works" company. What is It Works? What is a body wrap and do they work? The company was launched in 2001 by Mark and Cindy Pentecost. Like many MLM (multi level marketing) companies it began with the couples desire to increase their income and quit their day jobs after discovering they had created a product that they believed was magical. Actually, the product creator was their personal friend Luis Mijares. Although Mr. Mijares has a background in the pharmaceutical industry and herbal medicine, that is as far as the company goes with authenticity. There is no clinical evidence that supports any claims by the It Works company. There have been no inside studies, double blind, or independent peer reviewed studies published. Do you want to trust a company with your health that is not backed by any clinical studies? Their original product, The Ultimate Body Applicator, remains the most popular. The It Works Ultimate Body Applicator claims to: tighten and tone your skin, and improve skin texture and tightness in as little as 45 minutes. It goes on to say, "Fast and lasting results with continued use." Let's talk about that continued use. Basically, the wrap is just removing water weight. It is temporary. In order to get lasting ongoing results you need to keep using the applicator. This equals high profits for all. Why does it appear that this product is working, and why are so many buying it? The bottom line is that many who use it are also on restrictive diets, and quality exercise routines. Thus, they are getting results and are able to boost the sales of the product. Weight loss can be achieved with an appropriate diet, exercise, and other lifestyle changes without the expensive It Works products. If good old fashioned healthy eating and exercise is not enough to convince you to save your money then take a look at the ingredients. The It Works product contain 39 ingredients, 11 are botanical, and 28 contain contaminants that are by products of at least ten known carcinogens. Examples are: PEG-7 a synthetic preservative, Polypropylene- a plastic polymer used to mold machine parts, Polyvinyl Chloride- also know as PVC and BHT- a preservative know to cause liver damage and a known carcinogen. It is also a combustible substance. At the end of the day when all the rhubarb has been harvested this products may be good for a fun day with your girlfriends before a wedding for temporary results. As, for removing toxins from your body, nature has an answer for that too, SWEAT ! For best results, avoid this product. Eat clean natural whole foods, exercise, sleep well, and stay hydrated. Your body will thank you for the love !

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