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Staying Healthy At Work

Staying healthy doesn't have to be hard. Many of my patients have a difficult time keeping things balanced and healthy while working. The break room can be a rather unhealthy place filled with trays of free goodies, and tempting vending machine choices. My hospital office is no different. We are often visited by company reps who cater a complimentary lunch or breakfast. The food ranges from coffee and donuts, and fast food chicken platters, to Indian food. Sometimes there are healthy choices. But, how do you keep things balanced and healthy at work? How do you keep yourself from getting to stressed, from making poor food choices, and not working productively? Here are a few of my favorite tips. They have worked for me and I hope they will be of help to you.

1. Pack a healthy whole foods nutrient dense lunch.

2. Keep a reusable water bottle at work to fill up and keep you hydrated.

3. Try doing a five minute meditation during the day. If you have a smart phone or tablet there are apps that can help make this more doable.

4. Get some fresh air. Walk out side for a few minutes and take some deep breaths.

5. Strecth. You can do some simple stretches either at your desk, outside, or another area of your workplace.

Yours In Holistic Health,

Unita Cheeseman-Walburn, CNC-Naturopath

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