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Farm To Front Door

Life can be crazy and busy for families. Farms and farmer's markets are making it easier and easier to get fresh food from their farm to your table. Have you heard of a CSA ( Community Supported Agriculture) ? These wonderful programs make it convenient to get fresh food to your home. Many of them have weekly pick up locations that you drive to and all your pre-ordered produce is packed and ready for you to take home. Other services such as the one my family subscribes to, Seaonal Roots, delivers right to your door. I love that they include add on menu choices from local artisan bakers and specialty shops. Our new favorite add on is a vegan gluten free cashew yogurt. In the U.S you can go to to find the nearest CSA to serve you. Here's a look at our first delivery of the season and I hope you will support local agriculture too.

Yours in Holistic Health,


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